18:07 - 28/01/2021



The year 2020 has been a rather bleak year for the world economy because of the heavy impact of the Covid 19 epidemic. In the context of many countries falling into recession, Vietnam is still fortunate to be a rare country that maintains growth and temporarily succeed in epidemic prevention, join hands to support other countries together to overcome difficulties.

For any business, ensuring full salary and bonuses for employees during the past period is always a very difficult problem that requires the constant efforts of all employees, especially the Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as “BOD”)

However, with the right direction and drastic action of the BOD and the solidarity of all employees, Techgel is proud to still ensure full salary and bonuses for all employees while maintaining stable growth in 2020 and development orientation in 2021.

Along with maintaining business development, with the spirit of mutual love and long-standing humanitarian tradition of Techgel’s BOD and all employees. Techgel still maintains volunteer activities to share a part of difficulties, spread love to miserable people. This tradition has become a habit in the mindset of all Techgel’s employees.

As every year, another spring is approaching, the above sentiment has urged BOD to raise "TECHGEL Companion Fund" for this noble mission. In particular, Techgel’s Chairman cum General Director made a personal contribution to this year's Charity Companion Fund with the amount of VND 400,000,000 (four hundred million VND). Together with the contributions of all employees, the amount of more than 420,000,000 VND (four hundred and twenty million VND)  will be delivered directly to the difficult circumstances.

With the desire to implement the Volunteer Program focusing on the cost of treatment and bringing life to the poor children, this year, Techgel’s representatives have visited, encouraged, and supported the surgery costs for 03 disadvantaged children as well as the post-surgery for other children with a total cost of 224,000,000 VND (two hundred and twenty four million VND)  .

The specific cases are as below:

Ms. Dao Ngoc Thuy Tien

Year of birth: 2006

We visited her in the afternoon of January when the most pleasant southern weather was about to welcome a peaceful spring on this S-shaped land while the world buckled against the epidemic.

The image of that little girl lying on a white bed instead of going to school to celebrate with friends after a stressful exam, made us shed tears.

Through conversation, we know that Ms. Tien is from a poor family in Nha Trang, the destitute life forces the whole family to migrate to Ho Chi Minh City and work as a hired labor. Due to the lack of money, Ms. Tien had to study in the volunteer class and get help from the neighbors.

An upheaval suddenly came to the little girl whose eyes were filled with ambition and hope for the future ahead. Initially, it was just a headache, a small muscle pain, but the disease progressed until the pineal gland tumor was diagnosed and hospitalized at Children's Hospital II. We could not hide our emotions when seeing the little girl managing to get up and answer very softly, "Dear Sir/Madam, I am less pain!". But her eyes with no clear direction made us extremely sad.

Since then, we donated money for her hospital fees so that she could be operated, treated, cared, and recovered.

Wishing that this little girl would once again go to school, learn the right thing to become a beautiful and strong lady as the way how she overcame the adversity, live happily, and become a good citizen for the society.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram

Year of birth: 2019

When receiving her profile from the Heart Institute's Social Work Department, we wondered why such a lovely little girl suffered from such congenital heart disease. However, those worries quickly fell into oblivion as we were sure no answer would be given except for doing something right then.

Yes! Acting quickly for her greater chance of life will be the most human response in this situation.

The one-year-old little girl was about to enter a major heart surgery due to atrial septal defect – Pulmonary valve stenosis. Her parents were workers in Ho Chi Minh City. Their company’s staff cutback and working hour reduction due to Covid 19 epidemic made difficult circumstances even more difficult.

After a few moments, we decided to share those difficulties and join hands with her situation to give her a healthy and mature life.

Little girl, hope you strongly overcome adversity! We will do our best in the upcoming mortal battle.


Y Tiuh (Bahnar ethnic)

Year of birth: 2004

The little ethnic boy with a honest smile, not difficult to recognize he has a mental retardation besides of his difficult situation. Like a general picture of difficult ethnic families, his family has many children, her two elder sisters got married unhappily, divorced and brought little children back to his narrow house.

He bears not only an intellectual disability but also heart disease and needs a surgery due to Pulmonary valve stenosis.

The fate brings us together. We will help him operated, treated, cared, and recovered.

Through his honest eyes and by supporting surgery costs, we believe he will become stronger and there will always be a smile on his lips.


Witnessing difficult circumstances, innocent eyes with lots of dreams and hopes have urged our volunteer’s steps. On behalf of Techgel, Union executive committee also supported long-term treatment fees after surgery for 08 little children. Hope that our little effort can bring these little patients more happiness when Tet is coming. Hope that these children can recover soon and gather with their families. Let’s start the volunteer through small actions, then you will see a big result! Keeping ask what happiness is cannot find the answer. Happiness is to bring others happiness – is Techgel’s slogan when carrying out these volunteer works.

For TECHGEL GROUP, contribution and sharing for community is the main goal and enthusiasm that BOD and all employees always keep in mindset and maintain.