Techgel to extend new Business Line, centering on providing best-in-class Operating & Maintenance Services

15:00 - 26/03/2021

Typical projects of Techgel

March 22nd, 2021 - During our 21 years since inception, Techgel can proudly state that with more than 500 projects, we have reached over 95% in client’s satisfaction. Techgel has been repeatedly asked by our clients to provide post-handover services, especially the Operation & Maintenance section. Now, considering Chairman’s ambition of becoming the leader in EPC Engineering Industry, Techgel’s BoD has authorized a new project co-operated between the Operation, Guarantee & Maintenance Department and the Business Transformation Department. The statement for this project is as follows: delivering innovative O&M activities through the application of 4.0 technologies.

With experiences in handling intricate and complex projects in all sectors of EPC Engineering Industry: from Infrastructure, MEP to Renewable Energy; Techgel understands O&M activities are a central part of post-handover to recoup Product Owner’s capital expenditure. Henceforth, the benchmark for these activities should involve:

  1.  Precise faulty assessment
  2.  Predictive defects analysis
  3.  Effortless work tracking
  4.  Flexible energy optimization


La Roma Hateco Project

Led by the Operation, Guarantee & Maintenance Department; Techgel has successfully devised an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) called sTMS to address No.1 and No.3 with the following protocols:

  1. O&M performed and/or trained directly by Techgel’s certified engineers
  2. Mobile Application usage to report issues down at plant-level
  3. Web Application usage to monitor and relay solution up at management-level
  4. Open channel usage to communicate instantaneously with Techgel’s Project Management Board

Techgel will activate commercialization activities for sTMS service line shortly after internal assessment. We hope that the adoption of sTMS will support our clients, not only in dynamic decision-making and real-time operational monitoring - but also in straightforward regulating machine/equipment’s life-cycle, parts/material’s condition and employee’s work efficiency.