Board of Director to authorize internal Business Transformation activities

09:30 - 17/03/2021

Covid-19 has been signaling a new era of innovation for the World in general and Vietnam in particular. Techgel - being a leader in Vietnamese market for EPC engineering industry could not stand idly and allow new technology to overtake us. Therefore, based on the decrees and guidance of the Vietnam Socialist Republic’s Government; Techgel’s Board of Directors have authorized the process of digitization within the entire organization. Our vision is clear: Throughout the 21 years of operation, Techgel has successfully practiced our brand’s mission - to bring innovative technology to client’s business; now, Techgel will create innovation - and on these structures, will transform client’s business to prepare for a future full of “innovative technologies”.

The Business Transformation Department - established since February, 2021 - was assigned this challenging yet phenomenon undertaking. With more than 500 notable projects from the time of inception, Techgel understands an enormous pressure on Accounting and Auditing activities in all industries the company participated. Whether it is MEP Project, Infrastructure Project or Renewable Energy Project; the contractor, sub-contractors and 3rd-party providers face many issues stemming from the complexity of managing storage, equipment, material and machineries. Henceforth, the Business Transformation Department quickly identified this operational pain-point and arrived at the conclusion to self-develop an equivalent supporting system.


The Business Transformation Department coordinates with relevant Departments

There are many applications and systems in the software development market to cover Techgel’s requirements - yet, most can not satisfy our extensive demand on functionality: whether automating the input-output process of Bill of Quantity and Quantity Surveyor; or centralizing report from office, sites, 3rd-party providers and Project Owners. The decision to self-develop came from this painful realization, and together with the vision to act on the interest of our clients and partners; Techgel’s Business Transformation Department is formulating aspiration to introduce this system to in-progress projects. We hope, through this implementation, all in-progress projects will experience best-in-class site-inspections and work took-over in very near future.